Complete Express


Q.What's the right courier service for me?


To help you find the right courier service for your needs, our services are split into three categories;

1.     Regular  Service

2.     Rush Service

3.     Direct Rush

All of our courier services are coordinated through our office. We use up-to-the-minute communications, processing and messaging technology to track the fleet.

Under this system, jobs are allocated, prioritized and then monitored through to delivery to the customer’s ultimate satisfaction.


Regular Service delivery times vary depending on the courier driver’s load. A three-hour pick-up – delivery cycle is aimed for wherever possible. Essentially, this is an economical same-day courier service and is relegated behind the more urgent categories. 

Regular Service delivery times vary depending on driver load but the fastest possible delivery cycle is adhered to wherever possible. This service is relegated behind the more urgent deliveries which take precedence.


Our Rush Service not strictly point-to-point but is completed in 2 hours. Like Regular Service, Rush Service jobs are monitored by supervisory staff to ensure the driver observes an effective timetable.  

Direct Rush

Direct Rush is Complete Express’ Premium Service. Pickups are made by the first available vehicle and immediately delivered to the recipient. 

Q.What are your standard delivery times?


Complete Express’ standard delivery times are Monday – Friday between 7:30am and 5pm. If you require a delivery outside of these hours, a surcharge will apply.

Q.Are you a national company?


We are a provincial company based in Edmonton, Alberta.

Q.Do you do interprovincial deliveries?


We are currently servicing the province of Alberta only. Please contact us if you require delivery to neighboring provinces and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Q.Do you do Third Party Logistics?


Not at the moment.

Q.Does Complete Express own all their vehicles?


Complete Express subcontracts owner/operator drivers.

Q.Can I ship products classified as dangerous goods?


Complete Express does transport dangerous goods but we have a few specifications and requirements. Placards are required plus an extra charge of $25.

Q.Our fleet selection


View our fleet page.

Q.Are the drivers fully uniformed?


No. Complete Express drivers are not provided with uniforms.